Lifesize Portions Food Portioning for Weight Loss

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The patent-pending Lifesize Portions are unique. We created Lifesize portion sizes for all the foods you love to eat – small enough so you lose weight, but big enough so you don’t walk around hungry.
Lifesize portions uses the secret of food portioning. You eat all the foods you love, while experiencing healthy, guilt-free weight loss. The Lifesize Kit gives you the tools to get your portions right, every time! It comes with:

8 Lifesize measuring devices and a sturdy countertop/wall mountable storage unit
Our patented measuring devices help you portion out all the foods you eat easily and quickly! No weighing or guessing. And no memorizing anything because you also get…

The Lifesize Wall Chart
Lists the Lifesize portions for all the foods you eat. And to keep Lifesizing fast and easy, your measuring devices are color-coded to match a box on the wall chart. The chart is intuitive, colorful and easy to read. You’ll be able to start Lifesizing at your very next meal.

The Lifesize Quickstart
The Quickstart shows you the basics of using the Lifesize tools, and gives you a quick outline of the complete 5 Step Lifesize Program.

Two Lifesize DVD’s
The Lifesize DVD’s show you how to use the Lifesize tools, the portion sizes for most of the foods you eat, and guides you step-by-step through the entire Lifesize program. Also includes a quickstart to help you get up and Lifesizing in 15 minutes! Filled with animation, graphics, and food.

The Lifesize CD
For those who prefer to learn by reading, we include a CD that has all the material on the DVD’s in a manual and guide in PDF format.

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