Even If You’re Close…

Even if You’re Close…Close Counts

Portioning out your meals and snacks with the Lifesize Measuring Devices and the Lifesize Portions at a Glance Wall Chart is very easy and very intuitive. And the Lifesize Program is 5 simple steps that are not only easy to learn, but also easy to do in your daily life.

But still, occasionally you’re going to make mistakes
when you portion your food.

Not a lot, but you’re human. Nobody is perfect. And because we expect that you are going to Lifesize for the rest of your life, it’s only natural that in the course of a lifetime you are going to make mistakes along the way.

Guess what? You’re STILL going to lose weight
and keep it off.

This isn’t a diet. There’s no “blowing it” on Lifesize. So don’t get stressed out. If you make a mistake, if you measure lasagna in the Meats device if you accidently portion your salad dressing in Goodies instead of Toppings, you’re still going to lose weight. As long as you commit to Lifesize you will be portioning out your food more than you are doing now, which means that you will be eating less food (and less calories) than you are eating now.

The wonderful thing about Lifesizing is that you don’t have to get the portion sizes and numbers exactly right all the time to be successful at losing weight and keeping it off. This is not a lab experiment with your food. And your body isn’t a bank. It doesn’t count the calories you eat as exactly as your bank counts the money you deposit with them. You’re body has physiological processes that slow up or slow down when you eat a little more or a little less during the day.

So the amount of calories you eat in a day should hit a certain small range, it doesn’t have to hit an exact calorie count. Besides, no one can count calories exactly. Even it they are on a very rigid calorie counting diet. It’s just not possible. You can’t see a calorie.

So relax! If you eat an extra portion one day, it’s all going to work itself out in the course of a week or a month.

If occasionally your portion is bigger than the Lifesize portion, it’s going to be bigger by a few calories, maybe even a hundred calories, but that won’t make you fat.

Right now you are consistently overeating every single day by hundreds and hundreds of calories. That’s the type of consistent pattern that is making you overweight.

In the Lifesize Program, you will discover that we not only cut down on the size of the portions you eat, we also cut the number of portions you eat in a meal and in a day. So the Lifesize Program has lots of fail-safes and checks and balances in the course of your day to make sure you’ll be successful, even if you make mistakes. Of course, if you get the portions right, if you eat the right number of portions in a meal and in a day, you’ll lose weight faster and keep it off easier. But the best thing about Lifesize is…

…even if you’re close, you will lose weight!!!

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