The Lifesize Program

The Lifesize Program

Welcome to the Lifesize Program. The Lifesize Program will re-teach you how to eat!—how to easily portion your foods for deprivation-free weight loss and how best to maximize the pace of your weight loss and keep that weight off for life.

In your Lifesize basic kit, you get 8 Lifesize Measuring Devices and the Lifesize Portions at a Glance Wall Chart. You also get a the Lifesize Ready. Get Set. Go! DVD that will teach you how to use your new eating tools. The Lifesize DVD will also teach you the Lifesize Program—the first program that completely lays out all the fundamentals of portion control and eating.

If you just use the Lifesize Measuring Devices and wall chart to portion all the food you eat, you will be very successful at losing weight and keeping it off. But, if you also eat the right number of Lifesize portions in a meal, and eat the right number of Lifesize portions in a day, you will be wildly successful at losing weight and keeping it off for the rest of your life.

The Lifesize Program trains you to “Portion for life!”
in 5 simple steps.

Steven Kates and Myles Berkowitz, co-inventors of Lifesize, lead you through the Lifesize Program using fun animation, colorful graphics and lively discussions with real people who are learning how to Lifesize with you. Elisabeth Berkowitz shows you what the Lifesize portions and meals look like.

When you watch our entertaining Lifesize Ready. Get Set. Go! DVD you will completely change the way you think about food and dieting so that you can stop worrying about what you should eat and start focusing on how much you should eat. We’re going to show you how you can eat all the foods you love without getting fat, how you can eat high-calorie foods without eating too many calories. You don’t have to lose weight by making yourself suffer!

We will show you how to use all the Lifesize Measuring Devices and we will explain every box on the Lifesize Portions at a Glance Wall Chart. You’ll learn how to use the wall chart to find the natural portions of certain foods that don’t fit into a Lifesize measuring device (like eggs and slices of pizza). And you’ll also learn about FREE FOODS—those foods you don’t have to portion at all on the Lifesize Program. Plus, you’ll be able to see the proper portions of most of the foods you eat, including different meals and dishes like a Chinese dinner, a plate of spaghetti and meatballs, every type of sandwich you eat, and every unique dish you can create from your own personal recipes.

Next you will master how to structure your day. You’ll learn how to figure out how many Lifesize portions of food you should eat in a meal, and how to spread out your Lifesize portions throughout the day. You like small breakfasts and big dinners? You love to have Sunday brunch? We’ll show you how to make Lifesizing your meals as flexible as your life is, day to day and week to week. And you’ll find out the Lifesize secret to eating between meals and snacks on those days when you’re a little bit hungrier.

In addition to training you to do the 5 Lifesize Steps . . .

Steven and Myles are also going to teach you 3 easy ways to change the way you eat which will help make Lifesizing and losing weight easier.

You’ll learn a brand new way to stop grazing and mindlessly snacking during the day and how to make sure you don’t overeat at a meal or eat more food than you really want. You will never feel “stuffed” again. And how to eat a little extra food in a meal without eating too many extra calories.

The DVD is organized in a way that you can watch the whole program all at once, or watch each of the
5 Steps at different times. And of course, if you don’t want to watch the whole DVD, or want to watch it after you start Lifesizing, there is a Quickstart section so that you can be up and running in
15 minutes.

But we promise, there are no recipes or cooking instructions on this DVD! Lifesize is not a diet. And we’re not going to try to sell you any pre-packaged foods.

The Lifesize Program will show you how much to eat, how to eat, even how to think about eating . . . but you get to choose the food you want to eat and prepare it the way you love to eat it.

There is no other eating program like Lifesize.

No other portion control product gives you such
thorough and practical instruction on how to do
portion control in your daily life and how to think
about food and weight loss for the rest of your life.

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