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A Weight-Loss Strategy From an Unlikely Pair

WHEN Myles Berkowitz first met Steven Kates through a mutual friend in 2006, Mr. Berkowitz had serious doubts about him.

The system uses plastic measuring devices for food groups like carbohydrates, meats and dairy.
First, there were the tattoos. Mr. Kates, a personal trainer in Los Angeles, is covered in them, including one, on his neck, of a dead mouse. Mr. Berkowitz, an indie filmmaker known for the mock documentary “20 Dates,” favors khakis and button-down shirts. Second, what Mr. Kates was saying seemed too good to be true. At the time, Mr. Berkowitz was the heaviest he’d ever been, 219 pounds, and asked Mr. Kates for advice on how to lose weight. Mr. Kates told him to eat all his favorite foods — ribs, hamburgers, pizza — but to eat less of them…. Read Full Article



How to Lose Weight, One Small Business at a Time

If you like stories with a twist, this one is for you.

For that matter, if you like stories about struggling against the odds — or personal profiles about unique characters — or how to lose weight — or even stories about…

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First, it’s important to go back a bit.

I have a friend, Myles Berkowitz. I’ve mentioned him occasionally in my articles because… well, if I need good copy, Myles comes in handy. I always say that his wife Elisabeth is the luckiest woman in the world, because she only has to say, “How was your day, Myles?,” and can sit back with free entertainment for life. Myles is adventurous, widely read, richly opinionated (about everything — he can do a 15-minute rant about sportscaster Al Michaels…. Read Full Article

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KTLA-Lifesize Weightloss Program

Myles Berkowitz joined us live to talk about the weightloss program called Lifesize that he invented with his personal trainer Steven Kates.


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