Our Guarantee

Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee to You!

You have nothing to lose but weight on the Lifesize Program.

And to back up that claim, and ALL of our claims, we give you a 30 day Money-Back Guarantee!

If you are not happy with the Lifesize Basic Kit you can return it for your money back within 30 days.
Just take the whole kit, DVDs and CDs, Quickstart Guide, Manual and Wall chart, put them back in the box.
Include a sheet of paper in the box with your name and email address so we can look up your purchase information and issue your full refund.

(If you include a note about what you didn’t like, what you would change, or why you’re returning it, we’d really appreciate it!)

You can then send the kit back to Lifesize at:

Lifesize, LLC.
11625 Montana Ave.
Suite 133
Los Angeles, Ca. 90049

Why do we make this guarantee?  Because we know you’ll love Lifesizing…
AND because we put our money where our mouth is… (when our mouth isn’t filled with all the foods we love!)


Myles Berkowitz

President of Lifesize, LLC

(and a Lifesizer who has lost 46 pounds and has kept it off for over 4 years now!)

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