Brandy Hyman is a Los Angeles floral and interior designer. She lost 82 pounds using Lifesize. *

“Originally, when I met Steven it was a couple of years since I had the kids. And I was still carrying around the extra weight. Steven worked me out, but he was a real advocate of Lifesize. He said I would only lose weight if I got my eating and portions under control. I took the tools home and quickly mastered the amount of food I should eat. I eat pizza, fried foods and I love desserts. I have everything on Lifesize, but I eat them in the Lifesize portions. It is easy to do when I add the Lifesize FREE FOODS to my daily diet. I lost all the weight, and I’ve kept it off now for almost a year now.”




Eduardo Sigal is a real estate entrepreneur in Los Angeles who lost 78 pounds with the Lifesize system. *

“At 5’7” and 220 pounds, I knew I was fat and had to do something about it. I began exercising but I wasn’t losing the weight as fast as I would like. So I started dieting, but it was so hard to stay on it. Then I started 8Lifesizing. Eating the Lifesize portions I was able to enjoy pizza, Chinese food, and hamburgers. I was able to eat what I wanted. This was a dream! I was able to stay on the program and lose weight continuously, but never feeling deprived of food. If anything, I was learning to eat right. I was learning to enjoy food. I lost approximately ten pounds per month. I got down to 142 pounds with a solid amount of muscle mass. I am comfortable knowing I can stay on track by portioning my food properly and keep the weight off!”



Jenny Ferrera is a well-known esthetician with her own studio – Jenny Wax – on trendy Montana Avenue in Santa Monica. She lost 29 pounds Lifesizing. *

“I’ve always struggled with my weight, but owning my own beauty business has made me especially self- conscious. Lifesize has finally helped me get control of my weight…and portions too!”




Barbara Cameron is a restaurant manager in Los Angeles. She uses Lifesize to maintain her weight. *
“I had been dieting for years trying to maintain my weight after I lost the weight I gained when I was pregnant. About 4 years ago I started to Lifesize, and that is all I do now. I have never thought about dieting or food the same way since. I don’t think about dieting at all, and has been like a weight off my shoulders. The biggest surprise: I never crave the foods I used to because I can have them when I want them.”



Lifesize has worked for me when no other diet would. It is natural, doesn’t feel like a diet, and I’ve lost the 13 pounds in about 6 weeks, that I have been trying to lose for 15 years! I have tried Weight Watchers, which I think is also a good, healthy diet. But for people like me, it takes too much thought. Lifesize couldn’t be easier to think about and measure during the day. And the knowledge of those free foods always has me leaning towards extra fruits and veggies if i’m hungry. I do have one suggestion — the large plastic display piece went into our trash. It is just not necessary…..the measuring cups fit fine into a drawer or on the go with me. Just a thought in this time of too much plastic! Thanks again, for a great system!”  –BN


“Just wanted let you guys know how much I love Lifesize. I have already lost 15.4 pounds since mid September. I have another 50 to go, but I feel so encouraged that this time around I will actually succeed.” – Lydia Crespo


“Excellent life change tool!… Intuitive easy to use. Began using right out of the box and my first week lost 5 Lbs. Portion control easily expands over time if not monitored, and this product shows you exactly what a portion truly is. Highly recommend it.” – Samdre, KY



“There’s a lot going for this program… This is the easiest, most common sense, most user friendly system. And all I wanted was to jump start the Holiday dress dilemma. It is also a way to conduct your life style for the long term.  You and Steve, as well as your wife, have a lot going for you in this program. Thanks much!!! You should have a hub here in Chicago.” – Lori, Chicago Ill.


“This Program Works!!… For the past two years nothing has caused a shift in my weight except this program. I have lost 6 lbs in 6 weeks. The good thing is that I can eat anything I want and still lose weight!! I eat pizza, cake, pasta….. all while still losing weight. This program is a best kept secret. Throw out all of your diet books and programs and try this!”– Colleen, GA


“Life changer… I can honestly say this is the first product I have bought that has changed my family’s life. My slim mom was one of those people who just knew when to stop eating – sadly, I did not inherit this from her. After years of portion abuse in college and work, the extra calories really started to catch up with me in my mid 30′s. This is such an easy and elegant and long term system.” – Cathy, Los Angeles CA


“Nicer than expected… I’m happy I gave this product a try. The devices are sturdy and easy to use, and the written material and DVD’s make everything easy to understand…” – Drew, MO


“Good start for me… I have always been a healthy eater but never a portion control person. It was never a issue. But now that I am older and do not like to excercise like I use to this is perfect…” – Lisa, FL


“Stop Dieting!!!!… WOW!!!! As a longtime yo-yo dieter I thought why not try something new….from Aktins, to Weight Watchers to Bernstein, this has them all beat! I can eat ANYTHING!!!!! as long as you control your portions! Can’t believe what I thought was a portion! Started August 1st and as of today the 18th I have lost 7 pounds….I don’t expect to keep that rate up but I drink more water and do pilates for at least 30 minutes each day! I strongly suggest you try this system…EASY! No more yo-yo dieting for me!” – FRANCESCAMPBELLFORD


“Program for Life… It seems to be something that I can stick with for a lifetime and to me that is the key to any diet program. I am pleased with it and would reccomend it.” – UN, New York NY


“EASY TO USE… Ive had this for a week and between this and exercising 30 minutes 4 x’s per week I am down 3 pounds, where I had been stalled for quite a while. Easy to use I really like it!” – MACK, WI


“I really like this product. It makes it simple to keep track of your portions and measuring. It’s not dieting, it’s helping in making you aware of how much each serving of food you need for the day.” –Penny, PA


“GrEat Product… This is a great product for those of us who are really bad at sticking to a so-called “diet”. For all of us women who are feeling and seeing the effects of “middle age” these tools are a great help at figuring out how much food to put on your plate. The best part is that you can literally eat anything you want….just portion it out! Fantastic Product!!” – Chic, PA


“I really like my Lifesize Portion Control System. It is very easy to understand and use. I find myself really watching, but not starving myself!” –JV, WV


“Lifesize Portions-Great Product!!!… I love this system!! I can now use it when I’m out meaning I know how much I can put on my plate and be satified! Love the Free Food aspect and the 15 minute and water parts of this lifestyle. I am hooked for life!!!  The DVD’s are extremely helpful!! Buy this product and you won’t disappointed!!!” – BETH from HAMILTON, Canada


TRY IT – WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? WEIGHT!!!… Try this product. I have been on many diets in my life. I still don’t know how to “diet”. This seems very reasonable. I have been on it 10 days and lost 4 pounds. Pretty good. I bought one for my son to try. It is a lifestyle not a diet and I hope my weight continues to come off as I am following it faithfully. Needed to try this because “diets” have not worked for me in the past. I don’t feel deprived and not hungry either.” –Joy, PA


“Lifesize Lifestyle… At first I too was skeptical about this system when my Wife told me about it. The idea that nothing is off limits seemed too good to be true but after trying to lose weight on the diet of the month, we decided to order it. Its the best money we’ve spent. After a week and a half my Wife and I haVe lost a combined weight of 6 pounds! And we’re not hungry an hour later. This is a first rate system. Highly recommended!” – Rocky, FL


“This really works!… This life plan let me eat what I want and I’m losing weight. I even had a donut last week. Love this!” –Bear, OR


“Finally,something to control my weight. Everybody knows diets do not work. This control system Has been a godsend to me. You can eat anything you want,but in portion control.It is true,throw out anything you know about diets ,go with this system, Ihave already lost weight after one week.You can live with this no more counting calories or points.” – DB, Pennsylvania


Amazing… I have been dieting for most of my life, I have been on every diet possible there is to try. All these diets have made be over the years become a yoyo dieter, a binge eater, an emotional eater and a person I would consider as having an eating disorder. This program has re-taught me to eat properly with the proper portion control. I am not doing the binge thing anymore that`s for sure and not feeling craved all the time.

As for losing weight, that was always the highlight for me, I have come to realize that now what is important for me is to eat sensibly. I love this program, it is an amazing program and the inventors stand to be commended for this program I know it will become a tremendous seller. I cannot thank you enough.”– CHRISTINEHULL, Canada


“Love, Lifesize Portion Control… I love this thing. I am on the Nutri System weekends off plan. The Lifesize helps me measure the sides I can have with the meal. It is great on the weekends so I can control all my portions. This thing is great.” –LM, Pennsylvania


“Love it… My husband & I are using this system & we love it. I wish I had this a long time ago. You must try it.”–BG, Florida


I was skeptical about this program, but I am sold. The DVD’s were really great and I sat right there and didn’t move until I saw BOTH DVD’s. Great info that makes absolute sense and this is a lifestyle plan that I CAN follow and lose weight. I can eat all my favorites and NO diet food, just portion control. Very, very simple program. I was on Weight Watchers for years and gained all the weight back because I was starved and felt deprived all the time. This is just the smartest program and least expenseive program I have ever seen out on the market. I am just thrilled with this extremely educated gentleman that has developed this system.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that by simply going along with the program (as instructed) I dropped 28 pounds in a little over 2 months.

Not only were my food bills a bit lower than what I had spent in the past, I found that by not overeating I was still satisfied.And, if I was still hungry there was always a salad course of “free food” to satisfy any additional desire for more.

Portion control has been the key to my success.

As a mortgage broker, I lead a somewhat sedentary life sitting in front of a computer 6-8 hours a day.I find that when I am able to get away from my desk and incorporate some exercise (swim, bike or weights) my weight drops a bit faster.

I am 65 years of age and I have never been much on diets. Portion control always seemed like a good idea, but who is going to take the time to weigh out so many grams of this or that (or count out 6 or 8 cashews or almonds).

In the past I used exercise to maintain my weight, but as I have gotten older and my metabolism has slowed I have found that diet or the amount that one ingests is way more important.

No one my age has the time or stamina too simply keep the pounds off by exercise alone.

Because of my early success, I have been motivated to weigh myself daily to see what new weight I am down to. It has become kind of a game of sorts—one with some pleasant surprises along the way.

The other thing that I have found is that pants that have hung in my closets for 10 years that were too tight or impossible to fit into, I am now able to wear again. I am slowly re-acquiring a “new” old wardrobe.

With regard to food, I am one of those people that eats for taste, but as someone once put it, “Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!” I now concur because I am still able to enjoy the same tastes, just fewer of them.

Thanks for coming up with a solution to a problem that had become a “growing” concern of mine in recent years. –Rod


Testimonials from Doctors:


Indisputable evidence exists including a landmark long term study published in the New England Journal of Medicine confirming weight loss in overweight patients leads to a significant improvement in health risks. I believe portion control is a great solution to weight loss. Lifesize is a  comphrehensive system and tool to guide one through and make portion control easy, understandable and simple.

Dennis Evnagelatos
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
UCLA School of Medicine


Including favorite foods while limiting portion sizes and allowing unlimited intake of fruit, vegetables and low-fat dairy may be an effective approach to lowering dietary energy density to elicit weight loss.

Dr. Chris Melby
Professor and Department Head
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
Colorado State University

As a Primary Care physician, I am very pleased to have something like the Lifesize kit to hand to my patients.  Every day I discuss weight control methods with patients because of their health problems related to obesity. The Lifesize tools give patients the means to easily practice portion control correctly. The Lifesize Program is easy for my patients to understand and follow, is a responsible strategy for losing weight and maintaining that weight loss, and encourages lifelong healthy eating habits.

Dr. Joel Isackson
Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA


Lifesize is an excellent tool for losing weight because it is not a diet. It is a way to manage portion sizes and still eat all your favorite foods while working in lower calorie foods into your daily routine. You can’t get bored or frustrated. You merely can get to your desired weight without gimmicks or unrealistic meal plans. The Lifesize Program also helps people to eat the right number of portions in a meal and in a day, while remaining completely flexible for different lifestyles. I highly recommend Lifesize to all my clients!

Mindy Podolsky Owens, MS RD
Family Nutrition and Weight Management Specialist
310 454 8004 (c) 310 625 3398


This is one of the best diet and maintenance plans that I have came across in the years I have practiced internal medicine and clinical nutrition/weight management. Every day I utilize the Lifesize tools to teach all my patients how much to eat, and I have observed a high rate of compliance by and successful weight loss in my patients when they use the Lifesize tools at home.  Because my practice is in different parts of Los Angeles, I have patients from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Lifesize is very visual so it helps me cross the language barrier and helps me to carry out my philosophy that we must use food as medicine.

Dr. Tsz Ying (Amy) Lee MD
Internal Medicine & Clinical Nutrition/Medical Weight Management

Good Samaritan Hospital
1245 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 804
Los Angeles, CA 90017


*Your results may vary based individual fitness, starting BMI, adherence to the program and other factors. Please read our disclaimer here.
  • mary young
    #1 written by mary young 1 year ago

    What a perfect pair being New Year’s Eve and a article in the newspaper about the Lifesize Program. I jumped up and ran to the computer and tuned in this program. Read everything! Then ordered the program. JUST CAN’T WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE!
    I have battled my weight forever sometimes winning but mostly falling off the wagon. Been a member of Weight Watchers mostly for 40 years and just couldn’t face another round there. Did Jenny Craig pretty well but got so bored I went back to my old ways. This program sounds like the perfect solution and makes so much sense. Like it has been stated over and over I eat very healthy but too much and too many slips. I’ll be back!

  • mary young
    #2 written by mary young 1 year ago

    Myles, I slid right into the program and haven’t skipped a beat since getting it in the mail early January. At first I didn’t lose anything drastic but as the weeks went on and “in control” I have lost five pounds without a wimper. Had to chuckle because your words ecowed in my year “If you want a cookie have a good cookie.” I had one of my husband’s cheap SureFine cookies and thought to my self, “What a waste.” Once a week or so I do treat myself to something sweet and it isn’t going to be junk!

    My husband eats what I put in front of him but he adds cookies and a bottle of wine per night and has lost weight.
    Not fair! hehe

    I’ll tune in next month! Best to you, Mary Young in New Hampshire

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